TMI Scholars 2017-2018

TMI Scholars (TMI scholars with VP-Mainit, former Mainit District Supervisor, Dr. Magnita Mosende-Labrador. From L-R: Jelanie Sepe, Nestle Paniamogan, Vangie Villamor, Arlyn Agustin, Juniel Servando; back: Mary Ann Dawisan)

The TMI Scholarship Program is on its 5th year since its inception and it is going strong!

This program has been a source of singular pride for the organization whose missions includes upliftment of the education of the Mainitnons. We believe in the positive impact of education not only in the life of the individual student, but also in his or her family and the community as a whole.

TMI's first scholar, Jover Lingo graduated in April 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. And this year we have a batch of equally harworking, talented, and bright scholars whom we are so proud of.

Vangie Villamor is in her senior year of Bachelor of Science in Education(BSEd) and will receive her degree, God-willing, in March 2017. Nestle Paniamogan and Jelanie Sepe are 3rd year BSEd scholars. Arlyn Agustin and Mary Ann Dawisan are BSEd sophomores and Juniel Servando is in his first year in Agroforestry. All are enrolled at the Surigao State College of Technology, Magpayang-Campus.

Jelanie is the current Editor-in-Chief of their college school paper, The Horn.

These scholars have assisted TMI in various ways in the different outreach projects that the orgaznization had even in very remote barangays. We hope that they have also imbibed the civic-minded character-thrust of TMI.

Way to go, guys! Keep up the good work (and good grades)! You do make us proud.