eLibrary Project Gets a Boost

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The eLibrary Project is one of the common development undertakings identified by TMI and Mainit Incorporated (MI), its Northern-America counterpart-civic organization under the Memorandum of Agreement(MOA)between the two organizations which was formalized in 2016. The MOA targets identified areas of co-operation still geared toward a common mission towards the upliftment of socio-cultural facets of the hometown.

The eLibrary project is the brainchild of Prof. Peter Sy of the University of the Philippines. The Harvard-educated wonk is also an active member of the TMI Board of Trustees, and considered a thought leader in the country on technology application in education in resource-limited settings. The pilot project was hatched in 2015 and San Nicolas Academy was the identified recipient.

On May 22, 2017, the server will get increased capacity and the wifi range will be made wider within the local area network. Mainitnon Incorporated (MI) and Tambayayong Mainit Incorporated (TMI), have partnered with the staff and administration of the school to provide opportunities for all students to access information using the E-Library. Our pleasure to welcome back Professor Sy and thank him for his expertise and good heart to share with kapwa Mainitnon this state-of-the-art approach to learningandilyo sab sa mga interesado: Sir Peter is also an expert in Digital Archiving of cultural events para makapreserve kita nan mga indigenous, cultural traditions and practices in digital form, hence accessible to many for cultural transmission. Mag-offer si Sir Peter nan training on June 13-14, 2017, sa San Nicolas Academy. If interested, please see Mrs. Alde Sespene, Principal, or TMI members Ms., Leticia Bebot Mosende, Dr. Magnette Mosende-labrador or Jessnar Mosende. They will assist Sir Peter in this outreach.
The SNA Electronic Library or E-Lib will get an upgrade on its Server, with an increased capacity to serve the staff and students of SNA; and to extend the range of the wifi across the local area network! Professor Sy of the Unversity of the Philippines will install these upgrades on June 12-14, 2017. He will also provide further orientation and training on the different components of the E-Library. Thank you very much, Professor Sy, our very own homegrown Pijanga who has become a world renowned expert on technology and its use in educational institutions, and a well respected philosophy professor who always carries with his love and concern of our kapwa Mainitnons!he US and Canada based Mainitnon Incorporated is partnering with Tambayayong Mainit Incorporated, together with the administration and staff of the San Nicolas Academy and with the expertise of Professor Sy, in making this joint project possible. Good luck students and teachers in the maximum use of these tools to learning!