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Tambayayong Mainit, Inc (TMI) is a SEC-registered non-profit civic organization in the Philippines. It was founded in 2008. The organization is comprised of similar-minded “Mainitnons” who wish to "give back" to their hometown. They are either current residents of the town or are part of the Mainitnon diaspora to the different parts of the Philippines and all over the world.

The vision of the organization is that of an uplifted, vibrant Mainit.

TMI’s core mission is the upliftment of underserved children, out-of-school youth, women, senior citizens; and enhancement of the education and information for the care and welfare of the environment of Mainit.

The word “tambayayong” is a Mainitnon vernacular phraseology that does not have and exact translation in the English language. Roughly, it means “community cooperation or helping towards a common, usually, a lofty goal”. The word conjures an element of lifting or uplifting and always in the context of more than one or multiple doers.

The Tagalog word “bayanihan” closely captures its essence. A picture of community folks, neighbors, all volunteers manually lifting on their shoulders a Filipino hut, in unison and in good cadence, to move it to a “better” place illustrates this concept.

In the Bible, the picture of stretcher-bearers bringing the infirmed to the hands of the Master is an ideational aspirational tableau for TMI, with a caveat. The organization believes that we, as individuals and as a collective are not passive but rather, are a dynamic channel and doer of the Divine’s wisdom and blessings.

The organization has a successful scholarship program for outstanding students who need financial help for college education. TMI plans to expand this program. It has launched and collaborated with other organizations on programs for the preservation and improvement of the environment and Mainit ecosystems, programs for senior citizens and other educational projects for the target beneficiaries.

These undertakings have all been successfully done with all-volunteer work, minimum overhead, most cost-effective measures, and financed by donations from individual members and civic-minded donors with no other vested interests.

Improving the livelihood of the local folks especially the women are part of TMI’s long-term goals.

The organization is blessed by a robust membership with a heart for volunteerism, the recognition by the local government and the support of other local stakeholders in the community.

TMI is the only non-profit organization that was invited by the Mainit local government to be part of the Local Poverty Reduction Action Team in 2015.

(Text by JR Gatpolintan)