President's Year-End Report 2014

Mainit, Surigao del Norte Philippines



December 2014

TMI is accomplishing its stated mission statement/goals/ and objectives of helping uplift our fellow Mainitnons in targeted areas for the year 2014, through concrete developmental projects and initiatives.

JANUARY-FEBRUARY org planning image org planning image2 org planning image3Organizational planning.

After the get-together and annual meeting of TMI held on December 29, 2013 at the Kasili Convention Center, Mainit Surigao del Norte, we held formal and informal meetings to lay out concrete plans for the year 2014. Funding sources were also explored. The quarterly meetings for the year would be carried out through Skype with notices to be given to members of the Board of Trustees at least seven days before the date. Our Facebook webpage continues to document and disseminate information about the activities of the organization as well as other related community events.


Senior Citizens’ 3rd Pahinungod Pahinugod image1 Pahinungod image2 Pahinugod image3 As an indicator of TMI’s concern for our senior citizens of the community, we undertook the 3rd Pahinungod on March 29, 2014 with attendance of approximately 60-70 seniors. We coordinated with Quezon and Magsaysay barangays’ Senior Citizens group to participate in a Sosyalan sa Mga Edaran in the Kasili Convention Center. Our esteemed seniors socialized, partied, and received gift bags from TMI. Poignantly, this activity was spearheaded by the late TMI Board of Trustee and Business manager Pepito Mupas, President of Quezon Senior Citizen’s Club.

Slipper-Giving and Feeding slipper cantugas image slipper cantugas image2 In 2014, two activities were shared by TMI and the Mainitnon Incorporated (MI) of the USA and Canada to benefit students of the Cantugas Cultural Minority School. On March 1, 2014, MI sponsored the giving of slippers for all students of the school; TMI volunteers came to assist in the distribution and in sharing in the feeding of the children that morning.

Academic Excellence Awards for Outstanding Graduating Seniors in six high schools and Mainit Central Elementary School and Quezon Elementary School.

On March 28, 2014, our TMI officers and some members represented the organization in our recognition of academically outstanding valedictorians of graduating high school seniors and two elementary schools in the poblacion. As an affirmation and encouragement to our young people who excel in their studies. TMI has given cash awards, certificate and medal three years in a row during these commencement exercises across Mainit schools.


Partnership TMI/MI desks image On April 29, 2014, representatives of Mainitnon Incorporated USA/Canada and our TMI officers and members, joined the children, teachers, staff, and community leaders of the Mamanwas in Cantugas Cultural Minority School to receive a donation of 300 chairs and tables for the use of the schoolchildren from Kindergarten to Grade Four. The school administrators and the Tribe Captain received the donation during a turn-over ceremony. Other district administrators attended the event. The activity culminated with sharing of a meal and exchange of ideas. MI provided the funds for the purchase of the furniture; TMI provided transportation and feeding of the school children. Magnette Mosende-Labrador is to be commended for facilitating the whole event from onset to its culmination.


TMI Scholarship Program

• We continue to support the education of deserving underprivileged students attending the Surigao del Norte State University-Mainit Campus. The Scholarship committee screened applicants and accepted two new scholars who qualified to begin their Bachelors of Science in Education program in the persons of Nestle Paniamogan and Julius Mantilla. We support tuition fees, project expenses and monthly travel allowances. Jover Lingo is now in his third year of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management course while Vangie Villamor is now a sophomore majoring in Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education. JR Gatpolintan, Edgar Reyes, Felicia Carvajal, Don and Nora Douglas continue to sponsor these scholars. Our scholars have been integrated in our TMI activities as active participants and assistants. The academic standing of the students remains excellent except for one who needs some further monitoring and encouragement.

JUNE/JULY tabok image1

OUTREACH: Public school Feeding/Slippers and School Supplies giving in Tapian, Tagbuyawan, Mansayao Schools

In time for beginning of classes, TMI planned and carried out an educational outreach to schoolchildren across Mainit Lake. Many TMI volunteers, the enthusiastic TMI lake trekkers, brought and shared school supplies with the schoolchildren of the coastal lake barangays of Tapian, Tagbuyawan, and Mansayao. Children were also given slippers and school supplies to encourage them to attend school regularly. It was a sight to behold to see beaming and curious faces of what was going on. The school administrators, teachers, staff, and Parent Teachers Associations received TMI warmly. A truly exhilarating experience was felt by all who were there! Hundreds of school children benefited from this outreach. A list of donors for this outreach can be read in the treasurer’s report.


Social/Cultural Support/Mainit Town Fiesta/Fun Run

TMI continues to support cultural/religious observances during the town fiesta every September of the year. As in the past, we were one of the sponsors of the novena for the celebration of the town fiesta. We also contributed/participated in the Fun Run project of the local parish to support its many outreach programs for the poor. Also, Edgar Reyes donated through TMI funds to purchase a drum set for the San Nicolas Academy Band and Lyre Corps.

Professional Development-Symposium on Mining

To be updated on the ecological impact of extractive industries in our province, three TMI Board Members attended an International Symposium on Mining-Surigao City in September 2014. Magnette Mosende Labrador, Leticia Mosende, and Magelle Labrador represented TMI in that forum. Hopefully, the key concepts learned from the symposium would provide additional backdrop and guidelines for our present and future planning in our environmental concerns.

OCTOBER Panayakpan image1 panayakpan image2 panayakpan image3Panayakpan 2014 ECOLOGICAL FIELD TRIP AND SYMPOSIUM

Prior to this event, through a TMI member Saturnino David, we received from the Lompoc Filipino American Club, a social organization based in Lompoc, California, the sum of $500.00 as seed money for an educational outreach. In turn we came up with counterpart amount to carry out this initiative.
In October, about one hundred twenty Sixth Grade Students of Mainit Central Elementary School, Quezon Elementary School, and their teachers, participated in an Ecological Field Study of Panayakpan to study first hand environmental concepts and ecosystems of Mainit Lake ecology. Our young learners were given orientation and science lessons by knowledgeable TMI resource persons on the ecosystems of Mainit. Dr. JR Gatpolintan was the main speaker; Magelle Labrador, directed the pre-orientation and ecological mapping of Panayakpan through visual study; and Engineer Kaiser Recabo provided background information on the interactions of the different biomes and ecosystems that interact in Panayakpan and their implications for our need to preserve and protect our habitats and their resources.

Students were provided educational materials; and everyone was served lunch that day. Prizes were awarded to some outstanding students for specific essay writing and art competition.

TMI Mainit once again organized the event successfully. Kudos to the officers, Board, and active members. New members were enlisted as outcome of this worthwhile project.

We continue to monitor the plants planted in the past along the Panayakpan lakeshore. The bamboos planted in 2012 along Bitan-ag River are growing well. We continue to face challenges in regard to sedimentation/erosion/preservation of planted susot and bangkal as part of our environmental concerns.


TMI now participates in the Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan (LPRAP) of the municipality of Mainit.

As a valid non-overnmental organization doing developmental work in the municipality, TMI was invited by the Provincial Department of Interior and Local Government to participate in the Local Poverty Reduction Action Planning (LPRAP)starting 2015-2016.

This mandate based on Republic Act 8425-the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act, a policy “to adopt an area-based, sectoral and focused intervention to poverty alleviation, wherein every poor Filipino family shall be empowered to meet its minimum basic needs of health, food and nutrition, water and environmental sanitation, income security, shelter and decent housing, peace and order, education and functional literacy, participation in governance, and family care and psycho-social integrity”.

• Among its scope is diagnosing the situation of a community, gathering and utilizing data on quality of life dimensions using specific local poverty indicators. Participation of NGOs is elicited to assist the local government units in formulating the LPRAP and implementing capacity building activities.

• Leticia Bebot Mosende, as TMI Mainit Vice President represented our organization in this meeting of all barangay and local government units and their development coordinators in this organization.

Just as importantly, TMI’s participation in this group will enable us to get a global picture of the level of poverty and possible local planning to help alleviate this. In turn, this could help us lay out action plans for the next two years. TMI Vice President, Leticia Mosende, was elected by the group to be co-chair with the Municipal Mayor in the tasks assigned to the LPRAP for 2016 as it diagnoses local poverty, collect, analyze and aggregate data on poverty indicators; monitor the progress of advocacy and capacity-building activities.

Bebot Mosende will apprise us more about this during our meeting.

TMI was given a special award and recognition during the Education Week in December by the Mainit Distict II for our initiatives and outreach to the schoolchildren of Tapian, Tagbuyawan and Mansayao. TMI Mainit VP Leticia Mosende accepted the certificate in behalf of our organization.


To all TMI members, Board of Trustees and Officers for the term, 2013-2014, in my capacity as President and a regular member, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to each one of you for the opportunity to take bold steps in trying to help uplift each other and our fellow Mainitnons. We have made some progress in addressing some of the needs of our town, in our own modest ways. I am most privileged to have worked with one of the most dedicated, hard-working, smart, forward-looking, and passionate group of people working for a common good: YOU!

The pictorials to go with the projects and initiatives we carried out this year can be seen in various sources in FB: our TMI webpage; Bebot’s, and Magnette’s. I would need more time to condense and include them here for each quarter.

Meantime, here’s to more tambayayongay today and the days to come.


Leonora Mosende Douglas TMI group image