Congratulations Graduating Class 2015!

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It takes a whole village to raise a child, says a famous African proverb.

Molding the next generation of well-rounded, intelligent, honest, socially-evolved, critical–thinking , empathetic Mainitnons requires the active participation of all segments of the society. It takes a village to raise civic-minded and engaged citizens.

Tambayayong Mainit, Inc. (TMI), the only SEC-registered civic organization of Mainit, takes pride in being a part of this “village”. TMI is composed of Mainitnons or sons and daughters of Mainitnons from all over the world. We all wish to give back to the hometown which has nurtured all of us.

We join you in celebrating the achievements of the graduating class this year. What a great opportunity for us to show our solidarity with the community!

From its inception, TMI has recognized early on that education of the young is key to effect a positive generational societal impact. Partnering with the schools and other stakeholders, to help develop the minds of the Mainitnon youth is a core in our mission.

As an organization, we also believe in the power of positive reinforcement in learning and in shaping behavior. That is why, this is the third year in row that TMI is giving awards and recognition to exemplary graduating students. We express our appreciation for their hard work. We lift them up to be role models to their peers and the succeeding batches of students.

This endeavor is one of the various projects in education that TMI continues to espouse. Our Scholarship Program for deserving college entrants is ongoing. We will continue to hold our Career Orientation program for graduating high school students. We plan to continue to implement specific programs related to education with emphasis on Mainit environment and computer literacy. These all signify our organization’s strong commitment to uplifting the quality of education of the Mainitnon youth.

In awarding these honor students, we are also recognizing the integral roles their families, their teachers, their church, other concerned citizens and civic organizations, the local government, and the community play in shaping their future.

It takes a village.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2015!


Jesus Roland M. Gatpolintan, MD
San Francico, California, USA
Tambayayong Mainit, Inc. President

(TMI awards a Medal of Academic Excellence and a Cash Prize to each Class Valedictorian of all the elemetray schools and high schools of Mainit each year. This is the TMI President's message sent to the School Heads/Principals addressing the school administrators, teachers, parents, the honorees and graduating class of each school.)